Best Sonography in Udaipur at Medicentre Sonography and Clinical Lab

Best Sonography in Udaipur at Medicentre Sonography and Clinical Lab

Medicentre is the best sonography and clinical lab and is established with the aim of using the latest technology in the diagnostic world. To mention the feather in the cap,

Medicentre sonography and clinical lab was the first to introduce these in town:

  • First automated culture system
  • First Real-Time PCR (Molecular Testing)
  • First IHC (Immuno Histo Chemistry)
  • First BMD
  • First lab with bar-coding facility

Medicentre, sonography and clinical lab, being the best sonography lab in Udaipur, holds its vision is to assimilate world-class technology into healthcare delivery in the city. Many bits and pieces of that dream have been achieved over the past years and the endeavor continues.  Best team of doctors’ work at Medicentre, sonography and clinical lab to give the best possible out.

3D/4D Ultrasound scans can be performed at Medicentre, sonography and clinical lab Udaipur. A 3D ultrasound scan refers to the ultrasound capturing a 3D image of your baby. A 4D scan is the dynamic recording of your baby's 3D ultrasound. This 4D Recording enables you to see all the different aspects of what your baby does in the womb. 3D / 4D Ultrasound scans at Medicentre, sonography and clinical lab make it possible to "See Your Babyin amazing detail.

This best sonography lab in Udaipur provides Color Doppler ultrasound, which is a medical imaging technique which is used to provide visualization of the blood flow, using color processing to add color to the image so that a doctor or care provider can clearly see what is happening inside the body. This technique requires the use of an ultrasound machine which is capable of color Doppler ultrasound and can be performed in a hospital or clinic as an outpatient procedure. Doppler ultrasound takes advantage of the Doppler Effect to create a moving image of the inside of the body. In this technique, an ultrasound transducer is used to beam sound into the area of interest, and it reads the returning sound. When the sound bounces off a moving target like a blood vessel, the pitch changes as a result of Doppler Effect. The transducer can detect very subtle pitch changes and record them visually, creating an image which shows where blood is flowing, and in which direction.

3D/4D Ultrasound at Medicentre, sonography and clinical lab is special and unique because realistic surface images provide a connector between parents and child that can be beneficial to the whole family.

A special and amazing feeling of emotion surrounds the parents when the 3D & 4D ultrasound scan images are seen, compared to the 2D image, because the picture of the baby is far more realistic. Not so long ago, parents were unable to see or hear their baby in the womb, but now this is absolutely possible at Medicentre, which is the best sonography lab.

Here, parents can just not only see their baby, but they can also see his or her features in amazing details and can look at all the movements in the womb. Many parents have seen their baby perform somersaults on screen or watched with amusement as their baby waves at them or gets hiccups at Medicentre.

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