What is uroflowmetry?

Doctors use uroflowmetry to test the amount of urine voided during urination. It also measures the speed of urination. The test is called a uroflow test. It can help your doctor identify the causes of certain urinary difficulties.

Why is a uroflow test done?

Your doctor may recommend a uroflow test if you have slow urination, a weak urine stream, or difficulty urinating. They may also use it to test your sphincter muscle. The sphincter muscle is a circular muscle that closes tightly around the bladder opening. It helps to prevent urine leakage.

Results from the test can help your doctor determine how well your bladder and sphincter are functioning. The test can also be used to test for obstructions in the normal flow of urine. By measuring the average and maximum rates of your urine flow, the test can estimate the severity of any blockage or obstruction. It can also help identify other urinary problems, such as a weakened bladder or an enlarged prostate.

Certain conditions can affect your normal urine flow. These conditions include:

  • benign prostatic hypertrophy, or enlargement of the prostate gland, which can block the urethra completely
  • a urinary blockage
  • neurogenic bladder dysfunction, or trouble with the bladder due to a nervous system problem such as spinal cord tumor or injury
  • bladder cancer
  • prostate cancer
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