Neuro Lab

V.E.P- Visual Evoked Potential

Indications for V.E.P.

  • Loss of vision (this can be painful or non-painful)
  • Blurred vision
  • Flashing lights
  • Alterations in colour vision
  • Weakness of the eyes, arms or legs

Indications for B.E.R.A

  • It is an effective screening tool for evaluating cases of deafness due to retrocochlear pathology i.e. (Acoustic schwannoma). An abnormal BERA is an indication for MRI scan.
  • Used in screening newborns for deafness .
  • Used for intraoperative monitoring of central and peripheral nervous system .
  • Monitoting patents in intensive care units.
  • Diagnosing suspected demyelinated disorders.

EEG- Electro Encephalo Graphy

Indications for E.E.G.

  • The most common reason an EEG is performed is to diagnose and monitor seizure disorders.
  • EEGs can also help to identify causes of other problems such as sleep disorders and changes in behavior.
  • EEGs are sometimes used to evaluate brain activity after a severe head injury or before heart or liver transplantation.
  • To distinguish epileptic seizures from other types of spells, such as psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, syncope (fainting), sub-cortical movement disorders and migraine variants.
  • To differentiate "organic" encephalopathy or delirium from primary psychiatric syndromes such as catatonia
  • To serve as an adjunct test of brain death.
  • To prognosticate, in certain instances, in patients with coma.
  • To determine whether to wean anti-epileptic medications.

EMG- Electromyography/ Nov-Nerve Conduction Velocity

Indications for EMG & NCS are

  • Facial nerve palsy
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (median nerve entrapment at wrist)
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome (ulnar nerve entrapment at elbow)
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome (plantar nerve entrapment at ankle)
  • Nerve injuries or lesions
  • Peripheral neuropathy such as diabetic neuropathy
  • Radiculopathies - cervical, thoracic and lumbar
  • Brachial and lumbar plexus injury
  • Guillain Barre syndrome
  • Congenital and acquired neuropathies
  • Myopathies, i.e. muscular dystrophy
  • Neuromuscular junction disorders such as myasthenia gravis
  • Motor neuron diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

R.N.S- Repetitive Nerve Stimulation

Indications for R.N.S

  • RNS recordings are performed in patients with muscular fatigue symptoms such asMyastenia Gravis (MG) or
  • Myastenic syndromes (MyS eller Lambert Eaton Myastenic Syndrome = LEMS, cong MG syndromes).

P.F.T- Pulmonary Function Testing

Indications for P.F.T

  • Chronic dyspnea
  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Restrictive lung disease
  • Preoperative testing
  • Impairment or disability
  • Pediatric neuromuscular disorders
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