Fully Automated Lab

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at MEDICENTRE is one of the finest pathology departments in the town. The department provides the highest quality of diagnostic services for clinical physicians and their patients, offering the most sophisticated methods for evaluating the full range of patient specimens, including blood and other fluids, tissue biopsies, surgical resections, Pap smears and other cytology samples. The many and varied tests and procedures carried out in the fully automated Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine impact on the evaluation and treatment of virtually every patient in the hospital and as many as 70% of outpatients cared for by our physicians. Accurate and appropriate diagnoses given by our expert team of pathologists and clinical laboratory technicians, as well as on our highly sophisticated testing instruments and equipment. The department offers expertise in all aspects of anatomic and clinical pathology, providing the highest level of diagnostic services for patients and doctors at UDAIPUR

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