Multiple areas of subpleural and peri-broncho-vascular ground glass opacities with smooth interstitial septal thickening noted in medial and lateral segment of right middle lobe, superior basal segment of right lower lobe, apicoposterior, anterior & inferior lingular segment of left upper lobe, anterior basal, lateral basal and superior basal segment of left lower lobe. 

Above findings suggest possibility of atypical pneumonia (intermediate to high suspicion of recent on going pendamic COVID-19 viral etiology). CORADS - 3/4.

Adv:- Clinico-pathological correlation 
CT Severity:

Right upper lobe:  0-5 % (1 point)
Right middle lobe:  0-5 % (1 point)
Right lower lobe:  0 % (0 point)
Left upper lobe:  25-50 % (3 point)
Left lower lobe:  0  25 % (2 point)

Total CT severity scoring : 7 points (out of 25).

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