Multiple areas of subpleural and peri-broncho-vascular ground glass opacities with smooth interstitial septal thickening noted in medial and lateral segment of right middle lobe, superior basal segment of right lower lobe, apicoposterior, anterior & inferior lingular segment of left upper lobe, anterior basal, lateral basal and superior basal segment of left lower lobe. 

Above findings suggest possibility of atypical pneumonia (intermediate to high suspicion of recent on going pendamic COVID-19 viral etiology). CORADS - 3/4.

Adv:- Clinico-pathological correlation 
CT Severity:

Right upper lobe:  0-5 % (1 point)
Right middle lobe:  0-5 % (1 point)
Right lower lobe:  0 % (0 point)
Left upper lobe:  25-50 % (3 point)
Left lower lobe:  0  25 % (2 point)

Total CT severity scoring : 7 points (out of 25).

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The gall bladder is overdistended with diffusely thickened & edematous gall bladder wall. Pericholecystic fluid & fat stranding noted. Findings suggestive of changes of cholecystitis.


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                                                             MRI OF PELVIS

Imaging Features:

Large altered signal intensity cystic lesion with internal septations and solid component (fat) noted in pelvis, possibly arising from right ovary causing compression and left lateral displacement of uterus. Lesion measures 9.3 x 11.3 x 10.8 cm. The lesion shows heterogeneous hypo to hyperintense signals on T1W & T2W images, few areas of suppression on STIR and blooming on FFE.

Suggest possiblity of right ovarian dermoid cyst 


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Imaging Features :


Well defined homogeneous enhancing extra axial altered signal intensity lesion noted along the posterior aspect of the left tentorium cerebelli. Lesion appears hyperintense on T2W images, iso to hypointense on T1W images. Lesion shows linear foci of FEE blooming likely calcification. Lesion measures approximately 5.2 x 5.4 x 5.2 cms (AP x ML x SI). Lesion causes mass effect in the form of effacement and compression over adjacent part of left cerebellar hemisphere, 4th ventricle and left half of brainstem.  

Above finding suggest possibility of meningioma.


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A 60 year male from rural area presented with complaints of multiple chronic discharging sinuses on his right foot . On biopsy , it was diagnosed as eumycotic myecetoma .
It’s fungal culture revealed septate hyphae with conidiogenesis .Colony characteristics  and microscopic morphology was consistent with diagnosis of fungal etiology Exophiala jeanselme

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Imaging features :

There is well defined lobulated solitary soft tissue lesion of size 17 x 35 x 26 mm in the right upper lobe. There are multiple areas of popcorn like calcification. Few areas also show fat attenuation(Upto-20 HU). The lesion shows mild enhancement on post contrast study. The lesion is extending upto the periphery of the lung and abutting the major fissure.

Few centrilobular nodules with ground glass opacities in right middle lobe.

The small area of fibro parenchymal thickening in the lingular segment of left upper lobe, suggest sequelae of old broncho-pulmonary infection.

Rest of the lung appears normal with even distribution of the pulmonary arterial branches and that of the bronchial tree.

The anatomical configuration of the structures in the mediastinum and both hilar regions are normal.  

There are subcentimeteric enlarged lymph nodes in pretracheal, right paratracheal & subcarinal region -?Reactive.

The arch of the aorta and the vessels arising from it are normal.

There is no evidence of pleural effusion seen.

Visualized abdomen shows no significant abnormality.

Bilateral adrenal glands are normal.

Visualized bones shows degenerative changes with diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis.

IMPRESSION: Above described CECT imaging findings are suggestive of

  • Pulmonary hamartoma in right upper lobe.
  • Few centrilobular nodules with ground glass opacities in right middle lobe, suggestive of infective etiology/bronchitis.
  • Fibro parenchymal thickening in the lingular segment of left upper lobe, suggest sequelae of old broncho-pulmonary infection.

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